China fully grasps the development technology of high performance fuel assemblies

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On October 27th, the last 8 groups of the CF3 fuel assembly of the China National Nuclear Corporation, which is known as the strongest Chinese “core”, were inserted into the Qinshan Phase II Unit 1. At this point, China's self-developed large-scale advanced commercial pressurized water reactor fuel assemblies were first batched into 20 batches of components, and the Chinese nuclear industry went to the world to add another national business card. This marks that China National Nuclear Corporation fully grasps the high-performance nuclear fuel development technology, forms a complete independent fuel system and product supply capability with international market competitiveness, enters the stage of industrial application, and provides high quality, sustainable development and “going out” for China's nuclear industry. "Building a solid foundation is of great significance to China's energy supply security.
After the completion of the pile, on October 30, CNNC Nuclear Fuel and Materials R&D Center held the conclusion meeting of the CF3 fuel element development stage and the witnessing ceremony at Qinshan Nuclear Power. At the meeting, the experts reviewed and concluded that the CF3 fuel assembly will be more widely applicable to the module through multiple operating conditions and multiple operating conditions. This has an important milestone in the history of nuclear fuel development in China. In the next step, CNNC will continue to leverage synergies and innovations, coordinate and coordinate the development of fuel components, radiation testing, market development and promotion, and realize the leap of China's nuclear fuel component industry from China manufacturing to China, and go out for independent fuel brands. Make a bigger contribution.
The fuel assembly is the core of the nuclear reactor. In order to further promote the autonomy of fuel components, CNNC has listed the nuclear fuel component development project as the first batch of key science and technology projects, the “Longteng 2020” technology innovation plan, and established a nuclear fuel and material research and development center to form China Nuclear Power. Research and design institutes, China Nuclear Construction Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd. and other units of the joint research team, taking the Hualong No. 1 third-generation nuclear power standards as the traction, give full play to their respective advantages, focus on scientific research and development.
It is understood that CF3 fuel components have excellent performance, can be used for long-cycle refueling, meet the three-generation nuclear power standards, have independent intellectual property rights, and are applicable to Hualong No.1 and Linglong No.1 and Yanlong low-temperature heating reactor.
The chief engineer of CNNC, Lei Zengguang, the Ministry of Science and Technology Quality and Information Technology of the Group, China Nuclear Power, Atomic Energy Corporation, Nuclear Power Institute, China Nuclear Construction, West New Zirconium, Qinshan Nuclear Power and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, East China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Station and other units Leaders attend the meeting.

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