Application advantages of solar insecticidal lamps in green fruit production

The production of green fruits needs to be assisted by an economical, safe, effective, and simple high-tech product. The solar insect killer is such a plant protection tool that can be flexibly installed and used in different locations according to insecticidal needs. Solar insecticidal lamp features energy saving. With natural light sources, there is no need to consume electricity and it is inexhaustible. Environmental protection. In line with the requirements of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, and protect the ecology. Safety. Since no AC power is used, solar cells absorb light energy and generate low-voltage DC power to the battery. This is the safest power source. High technology content. The core device of the product is a solar battery and an intelligent controller. The self-controlled, time-controlled, and rain-controlled switchgear can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the sky within 24 hours a day and the brightness that people need in various environments, and can effectively kill pests. While protecting natural enemies of pests. Long product life. Up to 20 years, low installation costs and easy maintenance. Trapping and killing adults have a significant effect. Since the solar insecticidal lamp traps insects directly in the adult stage, rather than killing larvae mainly like pesticides, the control effect is greatly improved.

At the same time, solar-powered insecticidal lamps have also prevented pest insecticide resistance and man-made pesticides from killing natural enemies of insect pests. Users generally report that after hanging lamps last year, there were few insect pests in the fields this year, but the insects in the neighboring villages where the lamps were not hung were pests. Disaster. Protect natural enemies and maintain ecological balance. According to tests, solar insecticidal lamps are more effective than frequency-vibration insecticides, have less damage to natural enemies of pests, and induce specific insect pests. Reduce environmental pollution and reduce pesticide residues. Solar insecticidal lamp traps pests by physical methods. Compared with conventional management, the use of pesticides is reduced by 2 or 3 times per quarter, which greatly reduces the amount of pesticides, reduces pesticide residues, improves the quality of agricultural products, reduces pollution to the environment, and prevents human and animal poisoning from occurring. It is suitable for the production of pollution-free agricultural products. Large control area and low input costs. Each pest control lamp can effectively control the area of ​​up to 20 to 30 acres, low input costs, and an investment can be used continuously for 5 to 6 years. Easy to use, easy to operate. The solar insect killer lamp is safe to use, easy to operate, automatically recharged during the day, and turns off the lights and lights automatically every morning and evening, making it easy to use.

If you hang a solar-powered insecticidal lamp near a broiler house in orchard, it will form a benign ecological chain, in which the insecticidal lamp kills the pests—the insects feed the chickens—the chicken pulls the excrement—the manure and the vegetable manure reduce the planting cost. , and optimized the ecological environment. The trapped insects are free from contamination by pesticides and chemical element reagents. They are high-quality natural feed for poultry and can be used for ecological breeding, turning waste into treasure.

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